Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cement bunny: "I'm shrinking. Help me."

East end of Kintu, looking west.

Bosco: Always there, ready to kiss.

Milla: Almond eyes, love me Basenji.

Kintu: Brown eyed, one-woof Basenji.

Milla, Bosco, Kintu class picture.

Milla's south end looking north.

Kintu's freckled belly bag.

Bosco did it all with his eyes.

Milla's nose knew.

Kintu of the jungle.

Kintu in profile please.

Milla, a beauty among Basenjis.

Bosco poised to spring into action.

Bosco, Kintu, and Milla stoop sitting.

Milla's Russian belly tattoo.

Kintu and Milla peering through the gate.

Kintu's airplane ears set for takeoff.

Bosco's sweetness gaze.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The cement bunny disappeared behind its hostas.

Bosco and Kintu when they got along together.

Milla and Kintu foraging.

Bosco and Milla caged up like little animals.

Kintu sprang into action.

Milla bit what was biting her.

Okay. Maybe one more time.

Milla checked out a yard bunny.

Bosco in the maidenhair ferns.

Gary with the weird little dudes, Kintu, Milla, and Bosco.

Oh no! Not the garbage!

Basenji habitat: The refrigerator.

Bosco weighed 33 pounds.

Kintu, the big bad boy, weighed 43 pounds.

Milla weighed 29 pounds.

Bosco and the biggest cat he had ever seen.

The kindly pet doctor sign.

Bosco and Milla eager to see the vet.

Milla, Bosco, Kintu going to the vet.