Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cement bunny never slept.

Sunset behind Milla's ears.

Bosco, B'B'B'Bad to the bone.

Kintu's world.

Milla singing siren songs.

Kintu looking for love in all the right places.

Boy Basenji stuff.

Slimmer-trimmer Kintu.

Milla sprawled by Aliwan's marker.

Kintu in the shade.

Little soul man.

Milla tripping.

Bosco thought he heard a chipmunk.

Kintu looked like an angel.

Milla worked on her topless tan.

Kintu & Bosco laid low by the heat.

Bosco & the magic fingers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Cement Bunny in summer.

Beauty was Milla deep.

Coiled, like steel springs.

Three Basenjis at home.

Milla's stairway to heaven.

Kintu and Milla, the "Denver Reds."

Kintu and Bosco doing Basenji things.

Kintu learned to make eye contact.

Three Basenjis, six eyes.

Kintu's tiger coat & Gary's guy leg.

Bosco: No butterball he.

Milla's cuteness was really big.

Bosco & Kintu, bright sun, deep shadows.

Small wolves at the kitchen door again.

Milla snuck a peek.

Kintu's eyes, Gary's foot.

Milla's Cyrillic tattoo.

Bosco's shadow.

Kintu in the shade under the chairs.

Aerial view of the pack.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cement bunny's cement pond.

Kintu's manly mane, and Milla.

Milla's garden.

Bosco's garden.

Kintu slipped into total comfort.

Milla, the grrrl with a bite.

Kintu selected plants.

Bosco practiced his leg lift.

Gary in the glass.

Bumblebees could not fly.

Bosco kept an eye on Kintu.

Happy-happy, joy-joy.

Dawn & Dawn's niece Mary Lee.