Monday, June 25, 2007

A new head in the garden.

Bosco showed Milla his teeth again.

Reflections in a glass door.

Basenji pack in the shade.

Kintu's politely crossed arms.

Milla's person, hand and foot.

Summer solstice sundown shadow.

Find the Cement bunny.

New Paint on the front.

Freshly painted rear.

Kintu and Gary from above.

Dawn not at work.

Dawn at work.

Bosco smiled for the house painters.

Milla took notes on house painting.

Kintu's bench, on Kintu's hill

Bosco and Kintu, the hounds of summer.

Painters were everywhere.

Kintu studied a house painter.

Dawn's morning glories went for the sun.

Milla charmed a house painter.

Painting began with washing.

Milla watched squirrels from below.

Three weird little dudes in June.

Bosco wanted all the shade he could get.

Bosco and Kintu kept an eye out.

Kintu smiled.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cement bunny and 3 Basenjis.

Kintu with Mamie Eisenhower bangs.

Dawn weeded the BVM.

"I hate when that happens!"


The goddess's touch.

Bosco was the garden hound.

Kintu's manly mane.

Jan and Jacy stopped over.

Milla: "Can I help?"

Dawn: Summertime.

Dawn's morning glories.

Three Basenjis: Milla checked Bosco for cooties.

Bosco looked back.

Kintu and Milla up to their knees in summer.

Kintu, King of the Hill.

Three Bozos: Kintu, Bosco, and Gary.

How long was Bosco's tail?

Milla dug in the Solomon's Seal.

Kintu's leg itched.