Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sneaking up on the cement bunny.

Milla wanted to climb trees.

Bosco and Gary.

Bosco watched.

No time for makeup.

Milla Bosco bonding.

Milla and the black eyed susans.

Milla sang a song.

Bosco's shade.

Kintu and Bosco.

The rabbit went under the gate.

Milla's furrowed brow.

Kintu reached for the spot.

Bosco's baleful gaze.

A sleeping bee.

Kintu land.

Milla's shadow.

Old dogs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rain-soaked cement bunny.

Anna fell in love.

The pack hated to see Julie and Anna go.

Wet feet made Bosco grim.

Pink Turtlehead with rain.

Anna with her pack.

Nobody called Kintu "Sugar Lips."

The grrrrls at home.

Dawn and Milla working.

Milla pounded until they got in.

Milla stood up to stay dry.

Nobody liked getting wet.

Then the rain came.

Gary's glass eye.

Kintu missed Miss Milla too.

Milla gone bummed Bosco out.

Milla went to work with Dawn.

The pack closed in on Julie and Anna.

Kintu loved hostas on his belly.

Everybody loved Anna.

Julie and Anna stopped over.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Cement Bunny's pond dried up.

Down where the Basenjis roamed.

Milla looked good from most angles.

Kintu's eagle, and Bosco's vulture, heads.

Kintu and Gary's left foot.

Bosco at one with the light.

Bosco's green hose.

Kintu from a helicopter.

The Colorado mafia.

"Can we help."

Kintu tried losing his head too.